Duty Free Replenishment Certificate(Guide for Screens)

DFRC Main Screen

After completing the data entry of the main screen click on the Add Button which will enable all other Buttons on the dialog box. Then click on Shipping Bill details to enter the data of Shipping Bills. The dialog box of Shipping Bill will appear as follows

DFRC Shipping Bill Screen

The multiple shipping bill details entry can be done after pressing the clear Button of the individual Shipping Bill details. Herein, the system will not accept the Export Item without any Shipping Bill detail and will give the Message :

Export Item details not entered against the shipping bill through SION

SION Main Screen

The Export Item details for the corrosponding Shipping Bill Number has to be entered upon selecting the SION Number.


After that click on the Find Button which will display the Export Item then click select the Import Item list appears on the left. Click on single or double arrow (multiple) Button to select the Import item Names on the right hand side then click on the Insert Button which will insert the Export and Import Items.


Export Item Screen

The Export Item details entered through SION can be updated by clicking on the Export Item Button which is on Shipping Bill screen. You can Update the Export Item details itemwise here. The UOM for the same export item in different shipping bill should be same otherwise there will be an error Message: UOM cannot be different for the same Export Item


Import Item Screen

The Import Item details entered through SION can be updated by clicking on the Import Item Button which is on the main screen. You can update the Import Item details itemwise here.


Consolidated Export Item Screen

The Consolidated Export Item button has been put to view the consolidated value of the Export Items.This is only for viewing the Consolidated values of Exports and no data entry is allowed through this option


Submission Screen

After completing the data entry in the above screens then submit the application online to the concerned O/o Jt Director General of Foreign Trade. Please submit the application to the office carefully after selecting the required Office.