User Manual For Negative list Licensing


Registration for E-Commerce Filing

Logging on to Negative List Licencing System

Negative/Restricted Item Main Screen

Item(Import/Export) Details Screen

Fee Details Screen

Print Application

Submission Screen




Registration for E-Commerce Filing


Application for Restricted Items can be submitted manually(after submitting application fee online through emps) or online with digital certificate.



Also enter the PASSWORD provided to you by zonal DGFT office for accessing the site.

 Click on LOGIN button to proceed further or CANCEL button to come out of this screen.

When valid IEC and password is entered , press on LOGIN button to proceed.


Logging on to NEGATIVE LIST LICENCING System(Ecom Reference Number)


It consists of three Sub menus :

File : Create



Query: Status

Admin: Change Password       

After Clicking on Create Option ,a box displaying your ECOM Reference number will Appear as follows and this will act as a Reference Number until the File Number is allotted. Click on OK Button to prcoceed.



Negative/Restricted Main Screen

In the main menu File Open Option select the Ecom Reference to open the main dialog box of Negative/Restricted Export which will appear as follows.


In the  above form all checkboxes except the committee one correspond to the various certificates as follows :

o       Cer_rdd        Bank receipt/DD

o       Cer_sccpi     Self  certified copy of performa invoice.

o       Cer_sccrc     Self certified copy of registration certificate.

o       Cer_crra       Copy of recommendation of recommending authority.

o       Cer_dl           Donors letter in case of import of gift.

o       Cer_amm      For ammunation   

The above  form contains the following buttons

      Add ----- Inserts the master details in the table .

                  UpdateInitially inactive. Becomes active after a record gets successfully inserted. This button is   used to                 update the master details

.             Clear---- Clears all the textboxes

      Item Description --- Initially inactive. Becomes active after a record gets successfully  inserted. This   button is  used to get the form for  entering item details.

      Fee Details ---  Initially inactive. Becomes active after a record gets successfully  inserted. This   button is  used to get the form for entering fee details.                                                             

      Close---- Closes the form.                                               

Item (Import/Export) Screen

The form for entering description of items is shown below ----




The above  form contains the following buttons



      Add         Inserts the item details in the item details table

      Update    This button is    used to update the item details

      Delete     Deletes the item corresponding to the file number and ITC(HS) code.

      Clear      Clears the form

      Copy      Clear the textbox for ITC (HS) code.

      Close     Closes the form 



The form for entering Fee Details is shown below



The above form contains the following buttons

      Add    Inserts the payment details in the database.

      Update  Updates the fee details.

      Delete    Deletes the payment details for the corresponding  to the file number and the scheme.

      Clear      Clears the form

      Close      closes the form setting the total amount in the textbox corresponding to the application fees in the master form.




Print Application

This is a very simplified and a fast direct printing option for printing the details of the Negative/Restricted Application.

 The user can view the details of the data entry completed so far while feeding the application.


Submission Screen

After completing the data entry in the above dialog boxes click the Submit Button on the Negative/Restricted dialog box to submit the application online to the concerned O/o Jt Director General of Foreign Trade.

Please submit the application to the office carefully after selecting the required Office.





Note :  Before opening a file , the information must be entered through New option.