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Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana Dialog(VKUY)

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Split Licence Details

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Click on VKUY Link on the above Web page in order to file VKUY application.

VKUY Main Menu will appear with options File Query and Administration.



Ecom Reference Number



The File Menu has three Sub-Menus of Create ,Open and Exit

Select Create option when the following Your eCom Reference Number dialog box will appear

Click OK Button to proceed.



Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana (VKUY)





 In the above dialog all the buttons will remain disabled except Add ,Close,Fee Details and Print Application Button

 Select the Exporter Type ,Nature of concern ,Customs Port of Registration and Exporter Status from the drop down combo-box.

 The FOB and Duty Claimed text box shall remain disabled. 

  FOB Value text box will remain disabled as the system will automatically calculate the Total FOB value from the sum of FOB of all the Shipping Bills.

(FOB) On Main dialog = (Sum of Individual value of FOB) As entered in the Shipping Bill Details Option

 The system shall automatically calculate Duty Claimed (Rs) based on the VKUY entitlement through the Product Detail Option as:

 (Duty Claimed in Rs)On Main Dialog = (Actual Sum of VKUY Entitlement )As entered in the Product Details Option

Select the check boxes if Declaration Certificate ,DD/BR ,EP Copy ,BRC ,RCMC is attached with the application. Select the check box if the licence is Transferable.

 Click the Add Button when the message box appears stating VKUY Record Successfully Added appears and the Add Button gets disabled hereafter.



Payment Details


Click on the Fee Details Button on the main dialog when the following dialog will appear.


In the Mode of Payment option select DD, BR/TR or EFT option for the payment of the Licence Fee from the drop down combo box.

 Select Scheme Code from the Scheme Code option. Enter the DD /TR/BID No, Date,Value (Rs) and Issuing Authority.





In the open option of the File sub-menu the VKUY dialog will appear.

Double click the File and click the Select Button



Upon clicking the Select Button the following dialog will appear

Update Button and Close Button and will become enabled along with Shipping Bill Button

Split Licence check- box will become enabled.

You can modify the file from this Open option of the File sub-menu





Shipping Bill


Click the Shipping Bill Button on the VKUY main screen. 



Enter the Shipping Bill Number, Date, FOB Value in Rs and Let Export Date which is the date of dispatch of goods from India.

Shipping Bill date should be less than todays date otherwise a message box will appear stating Shipping Bill date should be less than today's date.

Let Export Date should be greater than shipping Bill date and it should be less than today's date.

Select the Customs Port of Registration from the drop down list.

Enter the Bank Credit number along with Bank Realization Date.

FOB value of the shipping bill should not be zero or blank.

(Please Note: The Let Export Date is linked with Foreign Exchange Rate on that particular date and the format of date is

Click the Clear Button to add the next shipping bill detail which is added and displayed in the list box above.

 Likewise you can enter the multiple shipping bills. 





Product Details


Select the shipping bill from the list box above in the VKUY Shipping Bill dialog.

Click Product Details Button to add its corrosponding product detail when the VKUY Products dialog will open.




Enter the Invoice number and its serial number.

 The system displays Days Elapsed as:

Days Elapsed = (Received date of application - Let Export Date)/(Received date of application- Realization date)

 Click the Rate Directory Button to select the details from the dialog box. The items can be searched by the help of ITCHS code or Item serial once the Find Button is clicked.

Select the required items from the list box just below when the ITCHS Code Item Name, Rate and effective date will be displayed in the lower half of the list box.

 The length of ITCHS Code (Public Notice No 25 dated 11.07.2005) should be numeric of 8 digits. All the items after 08 Serial Number will appear as 08.1 ,08.2, etc which acts as a Product Code.

The user can enter his own ITCHS Code of 8 digits if its not existing in Rate Directory but it should not start with 00,77 and 99.

 Click the Rate Directory Button on the VKUY Product dialog when the ITCHS Rates dialog will appear as follows.

 Click the Select Button when system will automatically write the ITCHS Code,Item Serial No, Entitlement Rate in the Product Details Dialog.



Enter the FOB in Foreign Currency and select the Foreign Currency Code when the system automatically calculates the FOB in Rs as:

FOB Value(Rs) = (FOB Value in Foreign Currency )x (Exchange Rate on Let Date of Export )

 Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana (VKUY) entitlement is calculated as:

(VKUY Entitlement)without cut = (FOB Value in (Rs)) x (VKUY Entitlement Rate)/100

  Actual Entitlement is automatically calculated by the system as:

Actual VKUY Entitlement = (VKUY Entitlement) without cut x{1-[(cut applicable)/100]}

 Click Add Button when the Product details gets added in the list box on the top.

 To add another invoice detail in a shipping bill click Clear Button and complete the data entry of the second invoice against a shipping bill.

 Likewise you can enter the Product details corrosponding to each Shipping bill.






Split Licence Details


Select the Split Licence check box option when the Total Split text box and the Split Licence Details button gets activated automatically on the main VKUY dialog.

Click the Split Licence Details Button on the main dialog to feed split up of Licence Value.


The total number of split licences is based on the Duty Claimed (Rs) value as each split up value should be of multiple of Rs 5,00000(5 Lakhs).

You can enter the split licence value based on the Remaining Duty Credit which the system will automatically calculate and display.

Enter the Split Value of Licence and click Add Button when the message box will appear with message Split Licence Details Successfully Added

For e.g. If total Duty Entitlement is Rs 12,10000 then the split-up licence value shall be

i Rs 5,00000(Ist Split-up Licence)

ii Rs 5,00000(II nd Split-up Licence)

iii Rs 2,10000(Remaining Licence Value)


i Rs 10,00000 (Ist Split-up Licence )

ii Rs2,100000 (Remaining Licence Value)

(Please Note : The value of Rs 5 Lakhs should not be entered as 5,00000 but as 500000)



 Print Application



This is a very simplified and a fast direct printing option for printing the details of the VKUY application

The user can view the details of the data entry completed so far while feeding the application.




After completing the data entry in the above dialog boxes click the Submit Button on the VKUY dialog box to submit the application online to the concerned O/o Jt Director General of Foreign Trade.

Select the desired Office from the drop down combo-box carefully before submitting the application.

Click Ok Button to submit the Application




EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

The procedure for EFT (FAQ based on EFT) is available on the website and the steps are same for all the Licensing Modules.