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EPC (Export Promotion Councils)

For each EPC’s they have to nominate one person who should have a valid private certificate from any certifying authority approved by CCA with a minimum or above CLASS III. The respective person has to report to Sri. Arun P. Kohad, FTDO, EDI Division in person with the digital certificate for the first time registration.

For further reference:


Sri Arun P. Kohad,
FTDO, EDI Division,
DGFT, Udyog Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110011.

TEL: 23061562 Ext. 392

Email: arun.kohad@nic.in

This system is open on trial basis for two months. After which the EPC’s will be able to register their employees on website for future data upload by themselves.

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How to Login?

After one time registration with DGFT, EPC will be able to login onto system, upload the files as per the format available in help.