Dated: 12th  March, 2007



O&M Instruction No. 03  /2007



Subject:-  Constitution of Norms Committee for Pharmaceutical products


            It has been decided to constitute Norms Committee-IV exclusively for Pharmaceutical Products with immediate effect. The composition of the Norm Committee-IV is as under:-


                              (i)            Chairperson

                            (ii)            Convener

                           (iii)            Representative of the Ministry of Finance( Deptt. of Revenue-Audit Wing)

                          (iv)            Representative of Directorate of Drawback, Deptt. of Revenue

                            (v)            Representative of the Development Commissioner (Small scale Industries)

                          (vi)            Representative of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

                         (vii)            Representative of the Ministry/Deptt. Concern in the Govt. of India dealing with the Policy regarding production and distribution of the commodity concerned.

                       (viii)            The concerned Export promotion Council/Commodity Board as the case may be.

                          (ix)            Any other technical Authority that the Chairperson may like to invite.


2.         The Commodity coverage of the Norms Committees is as under:-

(a)                Norms Committee-I :- Items corresponding to Chapter 28-29,31-40, 44-49, and 68-71 of ITC(HS) Classification.  

(b)               Norms Committee-II:- Items corresponding to Chapter 72-93 of ITC(HS) Classification.         

(c)                Norms Committee-III:- Items corresponding to Chapter 1-27, 41-43, 50-67 and 94-99 of ITC(HS) Classification.

(d)               Norms Committee-IV:- Items corresponding to Chapter 30 of ITC(HS) Classification.

3.                  The powers and functions of these committees are as indicated in the EXIM Policy and procedure from time to time.




4.                  The venue and date/time of the meetings of the committee will be as per the directions of the Chairperson concerned.

5.                  These orders are in supersession of all previous orders on the subject.

6.                   The work of  Norms Committee-IV, formed for Pharmaceutical Products shall be handled by DES-III Section. The existing work relating to Pharmaceutical products being handled by DES-IV and DES-VIII Sections is to be transferred to DES-III Section with immediate effect.

7.                  Consequent upon constitution of Norms Committee-IV, the re-organised  work-allocation of DES-III, IV, and VIII sections shall be as under:-

DES III            Pharmaceutical Products (Chapter 30 of ITC(HS))

DES IV            Chemical and Allied Products (Chapter 28, 29, 31 to 38, 44 to 49, 68 to 71 of  ITC(HS))

DES VIII         Plastic and Rubber Articles (Chapter 39 and 40 of   ITC(HS))

8.                  This issues with the approval of DGFT.


(K. P. Singh)

Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade



All Officers/Sections in HQ

All RLAs