Where I can find detailed step by step instruction on filing an IEC application?

Please check IEC HELP file for details.


What is the technical requirement for filing an IEC?

  1. Internet Explorer11 or above, chrome 6.3.2 or above with JavaScript enabled. Any time you suspect mal functioning of system please clean your browser cache and re-login.
  2. A valid PAN
  3. Valid Mobile Number and Email ID.
  4. Scanned copy of the documents to be uploaded.


Where to Login for filing IEC application?

Go to the website dgft.gov.in and click on the link Online IEC Application, it will ask you to enter PAN, Mobile Number and Email ID. Two different 5 digits token number with the same serial number will be sent to your Mobile number as well as to your Email Id . With the help of these two token numbers you can login to the IEC Master screen.

For more details, please check IEC HELP file.


How can I modify my IEC application?

An application can be modified any number of times till it is submitted for processing. You need to login with same details like PAN, mobile and email again.


What is the procedure for depositing fee for the online IEC application?

Application Fee can be deposited through online mode only by selecting Appl. fee from left Pane

6 How to upload documents in the IEC application?

Scanned copy (softcopy) of the document is required. Only GIF and PDF file formats are allowed. Files other than these two formats are not allowed and can't be uploaded.

Document Name

File Type

Photograph, Pan Card and Passport


Sale deed, Bank Certificate, Registration Certificate, Memorandum of understanding, partnership deed and

Declaration Document


Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card and Cancelled Cheque


Please refer to IEC Help for more details.


What is the procedure for submission of an application?

Complete all details by filling relevant information online like:

  1. IEC Master
  2. Branch
  3. Director
  4. Pay Fee through any designated bank online
  5. Attach documents
  6. At every stage you can preview the application for correctness
  7. Submit it to DGFT, RA (Regional Authority of DGFT) online
  8. If an application is signed digitally by the applicant it need not be sent in physical form to DGFT,RA.


What are precaution to be taken before an application is submitted?

Under the new provision an application can be either approved or rejected. It is advised that:

  1. Applicant ensures that all details are correct and match with documents
  2. DGFT, RA is selected as per it's jurisdiction
  3. Requisite fee is deposited
  4. Checklist as in preview is complied with
  5. Physical Copy is signed manually by applicant and uploaded(in case of IEC Modification)


What are the characters not allowed in data field?

Following characters are not allowed anywhere in data fields.

& < > ( ' "

Please Note:
You can use ( ` ) instead of ( ' )
You can use { } or [ ] instead of ( )


I am unable to submit my application. What may be the issue? You must ensure the following:
  1. Application should be complete with all the details.
  2. If you press the Submit button and nothing is happening then check the compatibility settings of your browser (Go to your browser.Select the Tools option from the menu bar and then select the Compatibility view Settings from the dropdown list and add the link in the space provided.)


My photo is not coming properly. What may be the issue? You must create gif of photo only. It should not be scanned with paper on which it has been kept. Before Submission you must ensure that the photo is clearly visible.


How to submit application with digital signature? Click on the link submit application with digital signature provided in the main IEC Application. Minimum type II certificate is issued by the India Certifying Authority only is acceptable and digital signature should be of applicant signing the application only.


I have a half filled application, how do I access it again to complete the application? You may access the application any number of times as you wish by login with same PAN,Email and Mobile that you have given first time when you created the application.


What may be reasons for rejection of the application even if it is submitted successfully? Primarily it could be:
1. The documents are not proper (not clear etc.)
2. Address proof is not attached
3. Name and address do not match with the documents
4. IFSC is not mentioned on Bank Certificate
5. Wrong DGFT RA is selected