What's New ?Notification

23/2015-2020   dated:27.07.2018    Regarding :Amendment of Policy Conditions of Urea under Chapter 31 of the ITC (HS) 2017, Schedule - I (Import Policy).

22/2015-2020   dated:26.07.2018    Regarding :Amendment in Para 2.47 and Para 3.05 of Chapter-3 of FTP 2015-2020.

21/2015-2020   dated:25.07.2018    Regarding :Amendment in policy condition of pepper classified under Chapter 09 of ITC(HS), 2017-Schedule-1 (Import Policy).

20/2015-2020   dated:25.07.2018    Regarding :In supersession of Notificatoin No.35/2015-2020 dt. 17.01.2017 amends the Import Policy of Arecanut.

19/2015-2020   dated:12.07.2018    Regarding :Insertion of import policy conditions under Chapter 29 and 30 of the ITC (HS) 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy).


11/2015-2020   dated:23.07.2018    Regarding :Grant of Deemed Export benefits for supplies to the projects funded by Organizations such as JICA etc. under para 8.2(d) of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14.

10/2015-2020   dated:13.07.2018    Regarding :Accountability of inputs where Advance Authorizations are issued om net to basis for parts/components - reg.

09/2015-2020   dated:09.07.2018    Regarding :Clarification on acceptance of any copy of Shipping Bill in lieu of EP copy of Shipping Bill for grant of EODC of Advance Authorisation.

08/2015-2020   dated:21.06.2018    Regarding :Clarification of SEIS benefits to Steamer Agents, etc.

07/2015-2020   dated:23.05.2018    Regarding :Clarification on the term `Duty` under Sl.No.3 of Appendix-3A of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.

Public Notices

26/2015-20   dated:01.08.2018    Regarding :Services allotted to SEPC.

25/2015-20   dated:27.07.2018    Regarding :Amendment in Appendix 1B, Hand Book of Procedure 2015-20.

24/2015-20   dated:26.07.2018    Regarding :Removal of all items from the Appendix 3A of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-20.

23/2015-20   dated:13.07.2018    Regarding :Amendments in the Appendix 3B of the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS).

22/2015-20   dated:13.07.2018    Regarding :Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) benefit for `Bengal-gram` under ITC(HS) Code 07132020 upto 20.09.2018.

Trade Notices

Trade Notice No.22/2018-19   dated:30.07.2018    Regarding :Activation of E-com module for applying for SEIS, based on ANF 3B as notified vide Public Notice No.15/2015-20 dated 28.06.2018.

Trade Notice No.21/2018-19   dated:06.07.2018    Regarding :Treatment the peas (other than Yellow Peas) imported during the period 25.04.2018 to 15.05.2018.

Trade Notice No.20/2018-19   dated:06.07.2018    Regarding :Issuance of export authorisation/license by DGFT (Hqrs.) for export of SCOMET items.

Trade Notice No.19/2018-19   dated:05.07.2018    Regarding :Implementation of Notification No.04 dated 25.04.2018.

Trade Notice No.18/2018-19   dated:20.06.2018    Regarding :Submission of application seeking authorization for import/export of restricted items through e-mail.


Tender No.01/2018   dated:29.06.2018    Regarding :Request For Proposal for the selection of Implementation Agency for revamping of DGFT IT System

Tender No.08/2017   dated:15.03.2018    Regarding :E-Tender for supply of Cut Flowers, Big Flower Baskets (containing 35-40 stick/twigs) for alternative days, supply/maintenance of Indoor plants (small) and flower bouquet for the Office of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (HQrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Tender No.07/2017   dated:28.09.2017    Regarding :E-Tender for award of Contract for Photocopying Work at DGFT (Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Tender No.06/2017   dated:04.08.2017    Regarding :E-Tender for award of Contract for Photocopying Work at DGFT (Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Tender No.05/2017   dated:02.08.2017    Regarding :e-Tender for supply of Manpower Services for cleanliness of entire area of DGFT (Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi including Record Room at Jeewan Vihar, New Delhi